About Us

KUET Alumni Victoria have a history of shared experiences and memories, understood by those who studied Khulna University of Engineer & Technology (KUET) before them, those who studied with them and those who will soon join the alumni community.

As part of the Kuetian family, we like to organise a range of opportunities and benefits including learning, professional and personal support and being part of a community to share and celebrate our achievements.


To develop and strengthen ties between our alumni by providing diverse tangible benefits including career services, networking opportunities, special events and the opportunity to connect with and inspire each other And, to engage other so that new KUETIANS feel welcome and valued as a member of the Melbourne KUETIANs community.


• A respectful, congenial, and equitable programme that is welcoming and engaging for alumni of all ages, as well as their partners, families, and guests.
• A dynamic community of active alumni who contribute to the goals of the programme, feel ownership over its direction, and act as ambassadors for KUET.
• A programme with strong ties to industry and spin-out companies, and the ability of promote mentoring, internship and career opportunities for new KUETIANS in Melbourne and alumni in different fields.
• A commitment to transparency of goals and actions.

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